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Process Control Terminals The PW22 single point load cell features high rigidity, which makes it ideal for fast, dynamic weighing processes - unique in the world. It is Constructed from Anodized Alluminum Alloy. X-Ray Contamination Detector, Dynamic Axle Weighing System Check Weighing Terminals Above Surface Floor Scales PC60 load cells are constructed in aluminium ensuring durability. E max /12,500 Other applications include low range tensile test machines, robotics and web tension measurement. Our single point load cells are optimized for processes that require quick weighing and assures a flexible, multiple measuring range. Labelling Terminals The robust digital single point load cell type XBL in stainless steel is hermetically sealed to IP68K. Archive, Protection rated (usually IP67, IP66 or IP65), Usually constructed of alloy steel, stainless steel or aluminium, Platform sizes from 200X200mm up to 1200X1200mm. Conveyor Belt Weighing Portable Vehicle Weigh Pads single point load cells PC6 A28-Rev11-GB pc6-sp-dat-en-1.0.2 2 specifications Maximum capacity (E max) kg 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 Accuracy class according to OIML R60 (GP) C3 C3 MI 6 C4 Maximum number of verification intervals (n LC) n.a. Due to their design and inherent off-centre load compensation, only one single point load cell is required for the construction of an accurate, platform-based weighing system. Bench Mount Scales Offering a range of process weighing services such as signal injection and force calibration of load cells mounted under Silos, Tanks & Vessels. Single Point load cells are a type of load cell, they are a very popular choice and account for the greatest percentage of load cells world-wide. PCB – Single Point Load Cell (50 – 1000kg) The PCB single point load cell is good for applications including: Bench scales, platform scales, high speed checkweighers, marine scales, multi-head weighers and more. MWS Factory Touchscreen Terminals Single point load cells are the most common type of load cell world-wide. This makes these load cells a great choice for dynamic weighing. Full Plate Weighbridge, Terminals & Interfaces Load cell sensor technology allows the construction of a scale with one load cell only. Parts Counting, Average Weighing Privacy Policy This arrangement provides an economical and straight forward system for most small to medium sized platform scales. Mobile / Portable Scales 3,000 4,000 Minimum load cell verification interval (v min) n.a. Single Point (Platform) Load Cells. ScaleSmart PLC Interfaces The HPS Single Point Load Cell from Vishay is well suited for use on food platforms, process weighing, multi-head packaging machines and marine hybrid scales. High Resolution Load Cells Please contact us for advice or budgetary pricing. Features of single point load cells will differ from cell to cell and will depend on the manufacturer but some of the most common features include; Features of the single point load cells we can offer; Most commonly, single point load cells are used in small to medium-sized scale applications. Using a 10 Tonne force calibration rig designed to test and calibrate weighing pads using a reference load cell kit which is tested and certificated to ISO17025. Variohm Eurosensor Ltd is part of the discoverIE plc Group of companies. Single and multi-channel Straingauge Amplifiers with precise, low-noise standard analogue outputs, display and setpoints for industrial applications. A Flintec single point load cell is known across the world for quality, accuracy and reliability. PW6C. IBC Scales This protects the load cell from moisture for the best stability and measuring performance. A&D Weighing supplies robust, high performance load cells to suit various applications and requirements. Shear Beam Load Cells Check Weighing / Portion Control Below Surface Floor Scales The load cell’s increased nominal (rated) displacement enables overload stops to be easily implemented and precisely adjusted. Rice Lake RL1380-7kg Single Point Load Cell The Rice Lake RL1380 single point load cells are constructed of stainless steel and feature an IP67 rating. The load cell has IP68/IP69K protection class for protection against dust and water. Thames Side’s range of single point (platform) load cells has amongst the highest specifications in the market for process weighing applications.. Specif- ically designed for multi-head weighing equipment – either dry or liquid materials – the CANopen interface provides an easy connection to standard computers, PLC’s and even bespoke systems. Single point load cells are extremely popular in low capacity compact weighing systems. Many of our Single Point Load Cells also have OIML and NTEP certifications. About MWS Sitemap Single point load cells will offer high accuracy and high reliability, they are also known as “platform load cells” as this is their most common application. The PC60 is ideal for use on: Bench scales, platform scales, high speed checkweighers, and medical scales. R60 class C; IP 66 sealed; Single point platform scales up to 400mm x 400mm Compression Load Cells Weighbridge Terminal These industrial load cells are constructed from durable, IP65 rated stainless steel or anodised aluminium in order to provide substantial protection against water, dust and other liquids. Laboratory Weighing Low Profile Scales Basic Weighing Terminals Load cells and Mounting kits: Single point load cells This website or its third party tools use cookies. Environmentally sealed with potting compound to ensure durability. ATEX Load Cell Barriers, Load Receptors Conveyor Belt Weighing Waterproof Terminals Metal Detector RSP1 Single Point, Aluminum Load Cell Resistive Load Cells These single Point load cells are commonly used for price computing scales, bench scales, retail scales, counting scales and balances. Fully sealed and constructed from stainless steel the PC12 is fully off-centre load adjusted to provide high accuracy weighing results in dynamic weighing such as high speed checkweighers. The load cell is developed for machine builders who have tasks within dynamic weighing, multihead weighers, factory automation, packaging machines, filing and dosing, flow measurement, bench and platform scales, conveyor scales, process weighing and check weighers. Tension Load Cells The PW6C single point load cell is an excellent choice for multi-range applications due to its low temperature coefficient. They are typically used in low capacity compact weighing systems. Ideal for static applications, they provide higher accuracy and smaller temperature coefficient for multi … Some versions have a very high output allowing us to achieve the smallest designs possible for fatigue applications. By closing this banner or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Calibration of your metal detection systems to ensure that the equipment is working and operating within the manufacturers parameters and working to its full capability. Overhead Track Scales Single point load cells are unique in that they can accept an off-centre load, this means that they will accurately measure weight if it is placed anywhere on the scale, therefore, allowing them to be highly precise in industrial applications. Meet the Manufacturing Team, Batch Weighing PC7 Single Point Load Cell (100kg, 250kg & 500kg) The PC7 has been designed to complement the range of fully welded, single point load cells offered by Flintec. The Measurement Shop's wide selection of Zemic single point load cells. UKAS calibration services to ensure your weighing equipment is tested and calibrated to national standards, this UKAS service we offer gives you the assurance that your equipment is operating at their optimum capability and accuracy is being delivered as required by your processes. Contact us today! It is suitable for both static and dynamic applications due to its high stiffness. ... We offer Single Point Load Cells, but can also help you with a tailor-made Weighing Sensor & Load Cell or a complete measuring solution. The PC1 is constructed of stainless steel and is environmentally protected with durable potting material with capacities ranging from 7.5kg through to 200kg, The PC30 offers an alternative to the PC1 single point range – providing alternative mounting hole patterns in an overall smaller sensor size, The PC42 is a compact, low to medium capacity aluminium single point load cell ideal for a wide range of weighing applications. Silo / Tank / Vessel Load Cells 3.000 divisions O.I.M.L. Traceability Load Cell Mounts Single point load cells will offer high accuracy and high reliability, they are also known as “platform load cells” as this is their most common application. We are a trustworthy organization offering a wide gamut of IP66 Single Point Load Cells, Single Point Load Cell is a Strain Gage based low profile bending beam Load Cell and is ideal for Bench, Counting, Floor, Postal and Retail Scales. Meet the Service Team Load Cell Junction Boxes Tailored Project Examples. The PC6D is the digital version of the successful PC6 single point load cell. With an alternative mounting hole configuration and capacity range to the PC6 and PCB load cells, the PC7 extends the design opportunities to the weighing machine manufacturer. It is designed for low eccentric load sensitivity. Single Point load cells are a type of load cell, they are a very popular choice and account for the greatest percentage of load cells world-wide. This allows the simplification of a weighing-system design, as the load cell copes with all forces and moments occurring without losing performance. Careers The A&D range includes beam type load cells, compression load cells, single point load cells, tension load cells, shear beam load cells, weighbridge load cells and more. ATEX Weight Indicator Testimonials, Meet the Office Team They are designed specifically for high accuracy applications in filling and dosing systems, platform scales, check-weighers and bagging machinery, amongst others. The RL1830 load cells are NTEP approved for legal for trade applications. The PCB single point load cell is good for applications including: Bench scales, platform scales, high speed checkweighers, marine scales, multi-head weighers and more. Browse through our range below to find the right load cell for your application Load Cell Kits PW28 Single Point Load Cells for Precise Weighing of Masses from 5 kg to 75 kg. Available in 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 50 kg capacities with accuracies of +/- 0.02% of full scale. Single Point Load Cells (Platform Load Cells) can be used in most small to medium sized platform scales. It is a fully welded stainless steel load cell giving it a unique construction which ensures that is can be used in harsh environments in industries such as; food, chemical and allied industries. Single point load cells are primarily designed for the platform type weighing scales where applications are diverse, ranging from weighing a single diamond to a heavy canister of nitrogen gas. A single point load cell is also known as a platform load cell, this is because platform scales are one of the most popular applications for a single point load cell. PLU Labelling For example; Take a look at our range of single point load cells, Combined Pressure and Temperature Transducers, Platinum and Nickel RTD Temperature Sensors, Back to Our family of sensors are purpose built for use in high accuracy applications such as industrial weighing, packaging, on-board vehicle weighing and various medical applications. IBC Weighing Recipe Control PC1 – Single Point Load Cell (7.5 – 200kg) The SLP845 and SSH multi-purpose single point load cells are made from stainless steel and hermetically sealed by laser welding. DT230 Capacity: 7,5kg,12kg,18kg and 36kg; Measuring element from aluminium. Technical Blog Accreditations Single Point Load Cells Combination Checkweigher Coti Global Sensors, Mfg., is a premier worldwide manufacturer of Single Point Load Cells and Aluminum Single Point Load Cells and accessories. single point load cells | PC42 | www.˜ A90-Rev8-GB pc42-sp-dat-en-1.0.2 PC42 single point load cell product description The PC42 is a compact, low to medium capacity aluminium single point load cell ideal for a wide range of weighing applications. Pallet Weighing PC12 Single Point Load Cell (20kg) Optimised for dynamic weighing applications, the PC12 single point load cell provides high weighing accuracy in a robust, durable design. Shear Beam and Single Point Load Cells A range of cantilever mounting loadcells, some of which need no further support or guidance, known as single point or constant moment beams.

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