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When the Canary Islands were conquered these big-sized dogs were said to have either existed there from before or brought in by the Spanish explorers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He often puts himself between my wife and I.... kinda annoying but we jsut move him. The name of the breed is Spanish, means "Canarian catch dog", and is often shortened to "Presa Canario" or simply "Presa".The breed is sometimes also called Dogo Canario, meaning "Canarian Molosser". Owner Experience - The Presa Canario is an okay choice for new or inexperienced owners, but the Dogo Argentino is not recommended for new owners. Please know that I am not trying to ask you to bad talk your doggos or bring out any negativity, I really do love the breed and would love to adopt one but I am just trying to see if the Presa Canario is the right dog for us. People and other dogs aren’t a problem with my dog because he has been around then since he was very young. So my experience with an adopted Presa hasn't been great. (Large but not 200lbs large, Short Haired, active but not needing to go on a hike/run every weekend, smart, protective, still wants affection/cuddles) I have been reading up on them, their temperament, their protectiveness and how if not properly trained/socialized, it can be an aggressive dog. Our Presa Canario breeding program provides us with a ready source of dogs for our protection program. Your dog’s lightning fast response time and boldness will turn a panic situation around on the attacker. Thank you so much for your input. The Create a Conquistador (CAC) program allows you to have your exact specifications for your Conquistador K-9 designed and implemented. The Presa Canario, or Canary Dog, was historically a guardian dog who excelled at driving cattle. The end result is a hand selected, world class, highly trained Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario that will be a viable part of your families personal security and happiness for the life of your Conquistador. The more I read up on them, the more I love them. If you haven't used one before, try finding a trainer willing to show you. An untrained, unsocialized Presa Canario is a, "lethal weapon that can pull its own trigger.". They have natural hunting and guarding instincts, mine used to hunt/stalk her toys (and me lol). Hes asking for cons, In my experience, they are VERY stubborn, independent thinking dogs and don't usually do well with overexcitement (loud yelling, lots of action, that type of thing). Presa Canario Trucking, Inc. USDOT number is 2462360. There are many ways you can achieve this. Tom had a small kennel going, and ran the club for a few years, primarily for his dogs registration. The Presa Canario, also called the Perro de Presa Canario, Canary Mastiff, Dogo Canario, or Canary Presa, is a Molosser-type breed that originated in the Canary Islands in the 15th and 16th centuries. It's lifelong training when you get a presa and doing training everyday is a must. They are big cuddle bears. They do best if someone is at home with them all the time, as with most protection breeds they like to make sure they have their people close by and that they're okay. Presa Canario Trucking, Inc. is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company running freight hauling business from Elgin, Illinois. The Presa Canario is a large, loyal dog bred to guard livestock. The Presa Canario’s ancestry probably includes the now extinct naive and indigenous Bardino Majero crossed with imported English Mastiffs. There they used to guard farms, and used to drive off and killed other dogs.The Perra de Preso was developed by the contribution of various other breeds which include Iberian Presa, a mastiff type and other types of bulldogs know as Alonas. These statements are false. You must consider your protection trained Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario like a lethal weapon. Tl;dr : thinking of adopting a Presa Canario - honest opinion of living with one? They found a naked woman lying in blood, barely alive, her body bitten everywhere, bloody handprints covering the walls, and blood extending 4 feet up the walls and 30 feet down the hallway. They don't need heavy corrections or anything like that, but it's a much more solid and clear form of communication for a dog. Together with that a sheepdo… "threatening actions were taken against a Presa Canario named Casper." We want our customers to understand the training responsibilities that will come with ownership of a Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario, which is why we offer comprehensive lifetime training support for all our K-9's. I’ll tell you a little bit about my dog first. A lot of people get them because they can be aggressive, violent killers. That's all I can think of! The full recovery of the Presa Canario began in 1982 when a group of breeders from Tenerife created an association with the goal to support the resurgence of the breed. For reference my press eats 6-8 cups of kibble a day. History of The Presa Canario The Perro de Presa Canario, A.K.A. They are very "hands on" and mine likes to use her paws for EVERYTHING. They are not good pets for first-time dog owners or for people with small children or other pets unless they are properly trained. The history of the Perro de Presa Canario is … (Depends on of he is getting extra protein that day). In some countries, Presa Canario ear-cropping is not legal; Presa Canarios with uncropped ears will flop down close to the head, but the Presa Canario ears are cropped, they will stand erect. It is important to follow these procedures: We comb out the wool 2 times a week. Many people’s hearts just melt when their special furry friend is excitedly greeting them at the door upon arriving home from work, social gatherings or important errands. Its exact ancestry is unknown, but enthusiasts believe that the Perro de Bardino Majorero, an established farm dog from the Canary Islands, was crossed with the Mastiff and other English dogs brought to the Islands by visitors and colonists, creating the foundation for the modern Presa Canario. If you are thinking of buying a puppy, do you have the time and patience to work with the pup through its adolescence, taking … Over all something you should be aware of are what you can offer to the dog. They are prone to dog aggression so socializing is a definite must, but are usually good with other dogs that they live with. Mine LOVES water and snow and hates the heat. But if you make the jump to get a presa you won’t regret it. Overall, very intelligent. My male is ok being left out while im at work but he’s like a damn child he has to try to get into everything. that everyone is living in different environments, with different needs, schedules, and resources. She’s a presa but a tiny one. The Presa Canario is the ideal breed for family and property protection as they combine size, fierce guarding instincts, and a stable temperament. *we are only doing our research right now, we are not planning on adopting one till we move. In order to produce a guard or protection dog suitable for a family environment one must start with the right animal. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Others like to be left alone but in sight of their people, it depends on the personality of each dog. First couple of nights I brought him home he only slept in front in my window A/C unit. These delinquents scurry away as fast as they can and move on to pursue easier targets; homes where there are no dogs. Caring for the Perro de Presa Canario is not difficult at all. They have a short coat him they still needs to be brushed. Our goals for any Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario, either leaving here as a trained adult, or as an imprinted puppy are: To be a loving and trustworthy member of your family, To be suspicious of strangers, yet willing to accept someone  whom you say is okay, To be confident enough in his/her opinions to decide when a stranger is a threat, and to back up that threat with growling and possibly or certainly attacking if necessary. I've reviewed their website and I'm impressed. They are the best life partners. Criminals become even more scared to approach a property when they hear a dog barking and growling. Crates also help when your introducing new guests in your home because they absolutely hate strangers. We've looked at other breeds: Pitbulls, Kangels, Boerboel, Tosa Inus, Cane Corso, Dobermans and Rottweilers but we thought that the Presa Canarios fit … Though an alarm system can make individuals feel secure and at peace, dogs can do this job much better. They sleep in really funny positions too haha they are big characters. For example, it is a well-known fact that dogs will hear suspicious noises far in the distance, thus they can alert their owners and their families long before threats arrive. Acts Like a big tough guy... but he’s a softie. They were descended from the Canary Islands by the Spanish conquistadores. It's a balanced training method, focusing primarily on teaching the dog how to relax himself. I'm generally all for adoption, but Presas typically aren't a breed that I would recommend. Hi guys, so my BF(26M) and I(26F) have been thinking of getting another dog and came across the Presa Canarios a while back and my BF is set on getting one. She’s my best friend. There's a ton of Facebook groups you can join where people are posting about their presas all day long. It is the animal symbol of the island of Gran Canaria. Originally from Spain, this gorgeous, owner-focussed dog is rather rare and hard to get hold of, but still holds a lot of appeal for some potential owners. I just wanted to add one thing. Cat like in their movements almost like a panther dog. (When mine gets to hyper I have him go on his back and let me pet his tummy), Know you will have a mini horse in your life for 8-14 years. It was developed in the Canary Islands in the 1800's specifically for dog fighting. It was a … A Conquistador K-9 Presa Canario is a very serious dog, capable of protecting it's family or property until it's last breath. If you are getting this breed you need to take a lot more steps to train it to be a normal nice friendly dog than you would a German Shepherd. These dogs hate being left alone. Mine loves all dogs, but that could change as she gets older and it's something I always watch for if she's socializing. For the pulling on walks, use a prong! But not for us lol. They are an extremely intelligent breed , quiet , loyal to the known and fearless against the unknown. Country of Origin, History of the breed. The article suggests that these purported aggressive actions contributed to the already dangerous dog's instability. The Presa Canario was originally bred for fighting, guarding and some herding in Spain's Canary Islands. My female on the other hand destroys everything if left out when we leave. A tip I used was to have kids give him treats and pet him while he ate them (Helps with food aggression and liking kids), For reason my presa will refuse to sleep at night because he has FOMO. Hi guys, so my BF(26M) and I(26F) have been thinking of getting another dog and came across the Presa Canarios a while back and my BF is set on getting one. The Presa Canario in Georgia can be one of the sweetest, most lovable dogs you’ll ever own, but you will have to put in the legwork. Alittle backstory about us: We do have an almost 2 year old Black Mouth Cur(F), who we've worked hard on to stop her leash reactivity and protectiveness of the house. the Canary Mastiff, is a large Molosser-type dog breed originally bred for working livestock. Guarding Homes, Businesses, Property, Livestock, Executives and Families, Our Warriors are the Ultimate Guardians for TODAY'S  CHANGING   ENVIRONMENT. It was developed in the Canary Islands in the 1800s as a farm utility dog. My recommendation, if you're set on adoption, get them as young as possible. Keep in mind they are as strong as wild pigs and very protective of their property. Temperament is a lot of the nurture side. We own a house with a yard but are planning on moving to a bigger house with a bigger yard (that hopefully accommodates ~4 dogs comfortably as our friends often come over with their dogs pre-covid) in a couple/few years. Presa Canario colors: RED FAWN, BLACK BRINDLE, BROWN BRINDLE, FAWN, RED BRINDLE, REVERSE BRINDLE, SILVER FAWN, VERDINO BRINDLE The Presa Canario is a powerfully built dog with a massive head giving an overall impression of an imposing and intimidating guard dog. Window watching is a favourite activity of theirs. It stopped my presa from pulling the second we put it on and they are actually one of the safest tools because they displace the weight evenly along the neck where a flat collar places all of the pressure on their windpipe and a harness promotes pulling. Each of our trained adults and imprinted puppies are sold based on his or her potential and each dog must go through testing to ensure stability, strong nerves and also tested for proper drives before even entering into our program. ; Grooming - The Dogo Argentino is very easy to groom. She’s very attached to me and my mom, but she is hesitant of strangers, especially men. Your Wanting To Know All About Presa Canario Keeps Running Away. Thanks for sharing the Presa breeder you've used in the past. Another thing I will add is they eat A LOT. The Club Espanol de Presa Canario (CEPRC) was formed and in January 1983 the club was recognized by … (I know you're suppose to do that with any dogs but we figured our BMC had enough dog & human friends to keep her socialized. Look into reputable breeders as a viable option. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. (How you raise them to be).

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