About Farmer’s Egg

Farmer’s Egg Is a Virtual Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Egg started with the idea that homemade food – making it, selling it, accessing it – shouldn’t be difficult. A Texas-based marketplace, this virtual farmer’s market was created to help those who have specific dietary needs, from allergies to food restrictions, and those who simply want to enjoy delicious, homemade food devoid of excessive sugar, sodium, and chemicals.

Your Delicious Fare, Our Extensive Marketplace.

It was also developed as a springboard for talented bakers, chefs, vintners, farmers, brewers…creators who want to turn their passion for food into a viable business. Lack of access to a commercial kitchen shouldn’t hold anyone back from pursuing their culinary dreams; the opportunity to create from home, and make money while doing it, exists. Farmer’s Egg provides information and resources to help you do just that.

Authentic Food, Real Stories.

We bring you “Food with a Story.” A young lady using a generations-old family recipe lovingly passed down from her grandmother. A couple whose passion for barbeque led to hours of research, which led to a booming home kitchen based business. A chef seeking a local sommelier to partner with in creating exceptional dining experiences. A farmer whose delicious, nutritious eggs come from chickens that get to be chickens – grass fed and pasture raised. It’s a new way to live.

Why Farmer’s Egg?

Because today’s consumers want a unique experience, convenience, and top-notch quality when it comes to culinary products and services. And today’s small home food businesses need a marketplace where they can easily connect with customers, and fellow foodies looking to grow their businesses.

Farmer’s Egg is an invaluable stepping-stone to making your food business dream a reality. We support small home businesses and value home cooked meals just like our grandmas used to make. Based in Texas, we offer a variety of services to food makers and food lovers:

  • Made-to-order, made-from-scratch food and beverages
  • Local pick-up and delivery services
  • Support for home bakers, caterers, chefs, sommeliers, chocolatiers, meal delivery services, and so much more

Whether you’re planning a wedding, private dinner, baby shower, graduation party, or even Christmas dinner, Farmer’s Egg will turn your event into an unforgettable experience by connecting you with passionate, creative vendors. You’ll enjoy amazing food and beverages while helping small, local businesses thrive.