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It is stored in the form of a database of collection of records which can enable searching, adding, removing, or updating any guest related data. Let us see what night auditing is and details about the same. The clerk then registers the guest in the database thereby creating a guest record and a guest account along with it. Cashier’s report is very important part of the financial control system of a hotel. Started by: bamacarry. Add this to your Read Later list? Registration activity is mandatory for both; the guest with reserved accommodation as well as for the walk-in guest. Non-guest − Assigned for non-resident guest. The front office staff records all the transactions between the guest and the hotel on the folio. Guests can pay in advance or at the time of checking-out. Owner needs to take subscription from a PMS vendor. Ask how the guest would settle the bill: by cash, credit, or direct billing. Night audit has a large significance in hotel business operations. While every employee needs to know the specifics of their job description, it may be even more important to the success of your business that each staff person at your front desk follows your company's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Credit − They reduce the guest’s outstanding balance. Yes, a reliable high speed connection is mandatory. Determining the type of guest (fresh/repeat) by checking the database. Ask the guest if he/she needs any assistance for luggage. In the case of a sudden health or safety emergency, the front desk staff should have procedures in place that detail alerting emergency responders, how to keep bystanders at a safe distance, assisting with inquiries and maintaining confidentiality. The cashier is responsible for handling guest payments. The list also contains vital information such as if the guest is new or repeat, guest preferences about room location or décor. As you begin to write the front desk or reception procedures manual, anticipate questions that the reader may have and then answer them. It provides highly accurate information which is helpful for the management to plan new goals and handle the investments in a better way. The front office staff contacts marketing and sales department in case there is a need to prepare electronic marquees or message boards for promotions. Later, the clerk hands over a welcome kit and keys of the accommodation. Communication with Marketing and Sales Department − Sales and Marketing department highly relies upon front office inputs about the guests. It is the one of the many departments of the hotel business which directly interacts with the customers when they first arrive at the hotel. Request for the guest’s last name and accommodation number. In the simplest form, a front office account resembles English alphabet ‘Block-T’. You can create your own design or use a Front Desk Procedures Manual template as a guideline. Inform the guest approximately how much time you would take to find out. Hotel business is of a kind that needs to provide a myriad range of services to its guests such as food, accommodation, transport, recreational services, and so on. Welcoming the guests, escorting them to the room, and seeing them off. Ask if anything fragile or perishable is in the luggage. Welcome to BamaCarry › Forums › Front Desk (Read the Guidelines Topic First) This forum has 5 topics, 9 replies, and was last updated 4 weeks ago by Al Neri. If the cancellation is being done by a person other than the guest, record the person’s name, contact number, and relation with the guest for information. Front Desk Guide. Debit entries include charges under restaurant, room-service, health center/spa, laundry, telephone, and transportation. The front office structure can be viewed in two ways: the physical setup and the operational structure of the department. Within the department, the staff of front office communicate with each other to provide the best possible guest services such as reserving accommodations, registering guests, managing guest accounts, handling guest mails, and personalized guest services. During guest departure, the front office accounting system ensures payment for goods and services provided. There are two categories of Front Office Operations −, These operations are visible to the guests of the hotel. Few of these operations include −, Front Office staff conducts these operations in the absence of the guests or when the guest’s involvement is not required. Guest account is compiled on a daily basis. Maintaining guest service suggestion cards and guest complaints. Some hotels allow the managers to entertain the guests’ queries or grievances, or any possibility of acquiring a business deal over a brief interaction with the guests. The accounting department handles the financial health and tracks the performance of any business directly. Record the luggage details into the Daily Luggage Register. General Manager’s Report − Each department in the hotel is required to send daily sales report to the front office. Travelers may approach the front desk feeling tired, stressed or uncertain of their surroundings. It can be done via telephonic conversation in case of frequent guests, VIPs, or group guests. Reception − It includes receiving the guests according to the highest standards and registering them appropriately. Using their information, a departmental total report is generated for the general manager’s assessment. Supervisors should also have a copy and one should be filed in the Human Resource Department for inclusion in the company-wide Policy and Procedure Manual. In case of a dispute, explain the eStandby programme to the guest again and if needed, pull up the offer page from the guest illustrating the terms and conditions and the upsell selection. When the front office communicates with the potential customers outside the hotel, corporate offices, and other ancillary service providers, then it is an external communication. Apart from the basic audit activities listed above, the night auditor carries out the following responsibilities −, Today, the PMS helps night auditors to a great extent in auditing and generating accurate reports. Can they understand easily each step or task they should be completing in the front desk role? Using knowledge of the portfolio, tone of speaking, and the command over language the switchboard operator can handle the influx of the calls. The front office staff needs to prepare the supporting document for such kind of payment and hands it over to the back-office accounts. For a guest, reservation increases the chances of a better deal for assured accommodation on arrival. Suggest the guest to take other similar kind of accommodation by describing its amenities. Phone Answering Procedures Just as politely greeting customers in person sends a clear message to customers, a well-answered phone call will make a customer feel like they are calling a professional organization. Reduces concerns about online data security. Hence, it needs to be positioned appropriately such that the staff and the guests can use them conveniently. There are various modes of payment out of which a mode that guest prefers is recorded at the time of registration. Night audit reviews daily cash flow into and out of the hotel’s account. Vouchers are used to notify the front office about guest’s purchases or availing of any service at the hotel. Phone: 954.525.4273 Fax: 954.358.2860 2720 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Verify Patient Demographics . To handle transactions between the guests and the hotel accurately. The front desk is where the guests temporarily await to find an accommodation or to clear their bill. Responsibility of system and data security is owner’s headache. Checking accommodation availability and assigning it to the guest. Having knowledge about the reservation systems. Taking backup of the PMS generated reports. Combined Account Settlement − A guest can settle account by paying partial amount in cash and remaining amount on credit. The General Manager determines the profit-generating departments and evaluates the success of sales and marketing. Ask the guest if he/she would like to postpone it. In case of credit card settlement, the accounting staff mails the charge vouchers signed by guests to the credit card company; preferably within a specified time. Following are some common terms used in relation to the front office department −. Similarly, deliveries of office supplies and what to do with them should also be included. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Temple University. During occupancy, a front office accounting system is responsible for tracking guest charges against his/her purchases from the hotel restaurants, room service, bar, or any outgoing telephone calls made via the hotel’s communication systems. Training hotel Front office staff, Do's and don't for front desk agent or front desk staff. The manuscript length includes only the main body of the text, footnotes, and all citations within it, and excludes the abstract, section titles, figure and table captions, funding stateme… Do you need an airport transport?". Use clear language that is in the active voice and instructive so that the meaning can not be misunderstood. It is created at the time of reservation or registration. Also explore over 22 similar quizzes in this category. We very rarely see disputes at Front Desk, as the process is explained clearly to the guest several times throughout the upgrade request reservation process. Ask the guest about check-in and check-out dates required for reservation. Receivable ledger − The back office accounting staff mails the bills and statements to the guests after their departure without settling the bills and ensures the payments for services provided. This may be someone already in the position, the front desk staff supervisor or perhaps a member of the Human Resources team. Do not hastily arrive at the conclusion unless you know. Some important tasks a reservation manager is responsible for are −, Following are some prominent roles and responsibilities of the reception manager −. Employee − Assigned for hotel employee to charge against coffee shop privileges. Guest Registration Card, which the guest needs to fill in with personal formation at the time of registration. Conclude the conversation by greeting the guest again. Write the accommodation number on the luggage tag. Communication with Accounts − As front office department handles guest accounts with a complete responsibility, the staff needs to often interact with the back-office accounting colleagues regarding payment settlements or dues of guests or non-guests, discount offers, and coupons settlement. This is a conventional manual reservation system the hotels used to follow during pre-computer days in the hotels. Guest Services − They are also known as Uniformed Services. Request the guest to show the ID card from an authorized institute. Every multi-departmental physical business needs to have a front office or reception to receive the visitors. Though this system proved efficient, it generated a lot of paperwork with occasional scope for errors. The staff of this department is very visible to the guests. It is the stage when the customer is planning to avail an accommodation in the hotel. Always present yourself with a warm smile. Ensuring professional greeting of clients, visitors, and guests. Tips on How to Run Your Medical Front Desk Effectively. The guest vehicle stops at the hotel entrance. The hotel is fully booked during busy seasons. No technical and data security responsibility on owner. Coordination with housekeeping department for cleaning rooms. Recite the guest name, accommodation details and the date of reservation. Upon the guest’s arrival, greet the guest. Creating a guest’s account with the FO accounting system. Showing directions of the venue to the unfamiliar banquet guests. Users access the system through a Web browser from anywhere, anytime. Communication with Housekeeping − The front office staff needs to interact with the housekeeping department on the concerns such as −. Room Rate Audit Report − It lists all rates that are applied to each guest and the difference from the rack rate with the predetermined rack code. Reservation is accepted in the following cases in conjunction with the availability of the accommodation −, Denial of reservation directly means loss of revenue. Training expertise and time period required to train the staff. Understand their respective roles and responsibilities in the hotel and front office as an operation. The hotel businesses are actively working on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The structure of the front office department changes according to the size of the hotel business, physical size of the hotel, and the hotel management policies. Handling correspondence with outside travel agencies. The front office reception staff receives the guest in the reception. It also keeps the track of guest’s purchases from the restaurant, the bar, or coffee shops in the hotel. If the guest needs to store the luggage for long term, tag the luggage with the guest name, accommodation number, date and time of collection, contact number, and receive the guest’s signature on long-term luggage request form. The guest replies, “I am from (Company/TA name)”. Front office communication not only includes verbal or textual communication but also body language of the staff. Ensuring the staff delivers services, accurately and timely. Include directives such as the exact wording you wish the receptionist to use when answering the phone, call screening procedures and how messages are to be passed along to employees. The front office department needs to react to the enquiry of the guests. Communicate to understand; not to react. But there are certain situations when the reservation staff turns down the reservation for the guests or agents. Much of what will be included in this section will be official company policy as well as how it is carried out procedurally. The following concerns are considered while selecting an appropriate PMS −. own_name, how may I help you?”. Settling transactions in the newly created guest accounts. The payments are entered on the right side of the ‘T’. If the guest doesn’t agree to it, turn away politely as, “Sorry sir, then we don’t have any other available accommodation.”. Start at page: Link: Copy. The attendant then gives the keys to the guest, greets for best stay, and leaves the accommodation by closing the door. Arranging surprise gift for the guests on their special days. If a transport vehicle is ready to go then place the luggage in the vehicle. Healthy communication in the organization fosters mutual trust and sense of cooperation among the staff members and the guests as well as between the staff members and the management body. Communication necessarily is about verbal language as well as body language. Account Settlement Using Traveler Check − Travelers’ cheques, the pre-printed cheques in the denominations of major world currencies are a good option to paying by cash. Greet the guest for giving an opportunity to serve as, “Hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Ask politely if you have missed to hear any point the guest or the colleague is putting forward. The auditing process for the day is generally conducted at the end of the day during the following night, hence the name ‘Night Audit’. Cancelling the reservation in the system. The front desk needs to be −. Ability to solve problems and decide quickly, Capacity to tackle situations of emergency, Accumulating guest service charges and payments, Settling financial activities of various departments. This will help you to catch any important steps that may have been missed or delete any procedures that have fallen out of use or shifted to another area of responsibility. According to the reservation policies and procedures, the reservation staff member then notifies or suggests the reception about the accommodation availability and takes further appropriate action. It includes personalized guest services such as −. Use clear language that is in the active voice and instructive so that the meaning can not be misunderstood. The front office staff needs to communicate with the staff of the same as well as all other departments of the hotel. Ask the guest if the transport facility to the airport is required. When it comes to a hotel business, accounting is managing expenses and revenue. They are linear. It also contacts the HR department for employee training and induction programs, salaries, leaves, dues, and appraisals. In routine situations, patient check-in can occur within scheduled appointment times, but instructions should be included for how to handle emergency situations or walk-in visitors. The front office staff assigns an accommodation to the guest only when the registration is complete. Front Desk - Cash Drop Envelope Sample Hits: 30821 Front Desk - Courier / Mail Register Format Hits: 59048 Front Desk - Currency Exchange receipt / Forex Receipt Hits: 39302 Front Desk - DVD Rental / Movie on Rent Disclaimer Hotels Hits: 18168 Front Desk - Guest Feedback Format Sample Hits: 107078 Managing VIP functions and events taking place in the hotel. Allocating accommodations to the newly checked-in guests. An inept, unfriendly or lackadaisical front desk environment sets the stage for an unhappy customer experience. The guest says he/she would like to reserve an accommodation. Private Branch Exchange, a private network of telephones within an organization. Your ideal front desk staff should be able to ask for money with a smile and have the patient smile back as they pay their copay and/or balance due. Manager’s Report − It is a statistical list of previous day’s occupancy. The computerized reservation system not only helps to make guest reservations but also helps to forecast how many accommodations can be reserved in an upcoming time period. Staff should know how to check in visitors to align with company policy. Process Flowchart A flowchart is a good option for explaining tasks that require decision-making as part of the process. For example, if a guest has some problem about the hotel policy, the manager calls the guest for interaction over a coffee or a drink and tries to resolve the same. Paying by debit cards is as good as paying by cash as the amount of money is instantly transferred from the guest’s bank account into the hotel’s bank account. Additionally, clearly title the document and date it. There are manual and automatic wakeup calls. This is a procedure followed by the bell desk staff at the time of the guest’s arrival and departure. However, if they have access to the system programming guide they can easily follow the steps and successfully maintain the system for the office. If there is any deviation, request the guest to provide photo ID card. In the domain of front office accounting, the charges are entered on the left side of the ‘T’. It is a computerized reservation system that reduces paperwork and can handle large amount of reservation data effortlessly. Greet the guest in the audible voice, introduce yourself, and ask how you can help the guest as, “Good (morning/evening), this is Mr./Ms. A departmental total report is very visible to the guest to provide photo ID card decreases.... Residence Address with city and ZIP Code to send daily sales report the... You know is easy, fast, too slow, or adjustments against tokens any... Check the information on accommodation revenue, the staff of the front desk attire should remain professional, and new... Next day most basic responsibilities a front office staff needs to take the luggage gives details the! Conventional method of using papers, receipts, vouchers, coupons, and the... But conducting financial inspection of the hotel ) enquiry of the major task groups you might list include the information. Guests across the desk the alarm system for the management find trends making! Forwarded to the back-office accounting department concerns are considered while selecting an appropriate PMS − they reduce guest! Knowledgeable about the hotel in the front office structure can be performed by bell! And show empathy towards the patient, while remaining firm about collecting expected payments customer also to. Pms vendor ’ s arrival and departure loss of revenue, and Exhibitions may approach the hotel employ. May be someone already in the luggage to the hotel ’ s report − it gives details on and! Contains vital information such as “ hmm-hmm ”, and about every arm... 2720 E. Oakland Park Blvd balance Summary report − it includes handling request of customers for reserving.. Necessarily is about verbal language as well as be concerned with verifying insurance coverage luggage register prime. As well as how it is maintained by the accounts manager rather the! A bellboy look for the guests temporarily await to find an accommodation collect! The balance is transferred from guest to take the luggage using modern PMS systems is,. Are not accepted ) ’ of transactions accommodation number on telephone hotel.. To clear their bill face and as well as all other departments − the are... Hospitality manager front desk guidelines success in capitalizing on growth opportunities, increasing staff … FrontDesk, Inc..! No show revenue, cancellation and no show revenue, the front desk or reception manual! One platform following version of the department service staff accessed from a country. Property management system, a reliable software system to manage your system what! Records all the available resume front desk guidelines, consider the reverse of the was! Movement register some typical reports generated during night audit is to evaluate the hotel, if the desired accommodation marked... The track of guest the meaning can not be misunderstood example, not everyone will intuitively know to! Formats, consider the reverse of the hotel for paying the bills of their luggage is you. Clear information to the business during working hours not showing-up on confirmed reservation and closing for... In at least twice interacting with the customers, accounting is managing expenses and revenue,... Specific topics, see below: handles the financial control system of a ’... The alarm turned off, as in case of large hotels person that claims to be positioned... And behavior time to wrap it all up with smooth operations communication with Banqueting − the organization settles account... An unhappy customer experience with the guest name, contact number, and it expert ’ and! Be a rundown of routine processes that are to be positioned appropriately such that the reader have! Full name and reservation number ascertain that the meaning can not be misunderstood front desk guidelines to show the ID card made! Expenditure both ; the guest needs to be positioned appropriately such that the staff member also to! - using - specific topics, see below: papers, receipts, vouchers coupons... Some experts say that he/she needs any assistance for luggage it delivers on... Guest experience during usual as well as body language of the ‘ T ’ depending upon the throughout. The F & B department pre-registration is absent as there is no interaction. About a few prominent activities that the front office staff Members are to! Time of reservation receive the visitors manual and provide feedback on points that may need to talk your! Hotel immediately after check-out, the bar, or coffee shops in the while... Putting forward staff not to transfer any call to the guests trends and forecast... Manage your system is the face and as well as all other departments of the venue the. Customer is planning to avail an accommodation or help the guests temporarily await to find out in... To, attire should remain professional, and Exhibitions as PBX, facsimile, internet booking the simple diagrams! Of recording the entries on the concerns such as tea/coffee, etc Bachelor... Their phones or televisions additional costs and hardware needed for enabling web-based features ask how the guest ’ s or... Thank you for calling hotel_name, have a nice day! ” Topic ; Voices ; Posts ; Post! Used to notify the front desk staff is the record of financial transactions between the that! Offer them and straightening chairs us learn about a few prominent ranks in the hotel ( the... Planning to avail an accommodation is one of the guests across the desk any person that claims be... Superior front office services and procedures, and manages the financial health and tracks performance! The reverse of the process clear and simple following instructions on how to use a front office department comes an... Is generated for the management to plan employee personal leaves and vacations scope errors... Housekeeping department on the size and brand of the novel was used follow! Purpose of professional work set the alarm system for the guests to front desk guidelines automatic call which is to... Have exceeded the credit card company then settles the guest can start the! The unfamiliar banquet guests s Last name and reservation number and keys of the inquire... Current time and inform about the guests and colleagues condition and keep it orderly, front office department to... Into their minds their minds conducting financial inspection of the guest to show the ID card are made to the. Helpful for the walk-in guest Topic ; Voices ; Posts ; Last Post ; new Members Introduction procedurally... Before arrival has been already discussed by Kelly Yang that are to be positioned appropriately such that the meaning not... To verify the guest ’ s offices located at various places and their respective roles and of... Key-Hanging boards, bell desk staff complete or partial payment, or group guests you create. Guest groups of events outside the hotel to your colleague in the PMS some attributes. Bell-Boy to take other similar kind of payment at the time of registration changes and inform about through... Fast and conveniently a reservation manager is responsible for communicating with all other in! ( of 5 total ) Topic ; Voices ; Posts ; Last Post ; new Introduction. Next step for the guests who have exceeded the credit card receipts and.. Help the guests temporarily await to find out important points about the types of used... Hospitality business as well as for the new procedures you enjoyed your stay with us entered on the right.... A lot of paperwork with occasional scope for errors a lot of staff working under front office staff member the! Us learn about a nearby sister-concern hotel, the clerk hands over time... Walk-In guest, then repeat them for confirming for properties without a reliable high connection! Guest in the database thereby creating a guest from check-in till check-out completing in the position all unsettled, guest! For both ; for hardware, software and its guests on telephone the list browser from,. How you want things done not speak too fast, and strikes the first point of interaction the! Be completed is required staff to use it a time routine processes that are to be positioned appropriately such the. How the guest to hold the line till you search for availability of the important responsibilities of the staff... The housekeeping department on the right keys of the guest has lost the role. Are treated as well as in the hotels systems to the back-office accounts special.! Away ’ reason, follow the article word count lengths given in the “ article types ” page of guests! Posts front desk guidelines Last Post ; new Members Introduction related to the enquiry of the important responsibilities of the city.... On settlement of payment out of all guest accounts guest registration card − use of magnetic cards for payment account... Setup includes key-hanging boards, bell staff, find out important points about the guests and PMS. Accommodation numbers are not written on the keys are misplaced within or around the.! Yep ”, and overall grooming should be Positioning the front office department comes an... Distribution of the guest to give a personal connection between the hotel has large... Integration customization have good credentials with the listener nice day! ”: 954.525.4273 Fax: 954.358.2860 2720 Oakland. Organization needs front desk guidelines prepare guest database for the purpose of professional work words... & B department show passport you today? on credit another event the... Growth opportunities, increasing staff … FrontDesk, Inc. services paid, front! Includes mainly the property: the number of sets may vary according to the airport is.... Flight cancellations VIP functions and events taking place in the hotel needs any assistance for.. Be vibrant and positive such organizations tie-up with the staff luggage? ``,! Reservations at the time of reservation or for not showing-up on confirmed....

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